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The World Crazy Golf Championship weekend tees off on Friday evening on the 10th June with our dedicated Team Championship on the legendary Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf Course at Hastings seafront .

The Team Competition takes place on Friday evening. A maximum of 18 Teams consisting of 3 players will take part in one round of the course to qualify for a final round shoot out across the iconic holes on the course.

NB: the team score will be the combined total strokes for each of the 3 players across the 18 hole round with the top 8 teams then taking part in a sudden death knock out competition for the title!

Congratulations to the Walkabout Minigolf Bogey Boys for winning the final knockout match of the evening against Von Ryans Express to take the title for 2022!


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Rank Total Avg
2The OPF9832.7
33 HAGS10033.3
4Walkabout Minigolf - Bogey Boys10334.3
5Just Parfect10535.0
6Walkabout Minigolf - Shangri-Lads10635.3
6Von Ryans Express10635.3
8Pitch Puttfect10936.3
9The Iron Men11036.7
10Saturday Night Putters11137.0
11Planet Pensioners11237.3
12Rusthall Bandits11438.0
14Azores Minigolf UDP11638.7
14Uniao Desportiva Praiense11638.7
14Small Medium & Large11638.7
17Triple Brogey12240.7
18You Drive Me Crazies12642.0
18New Zealand All Whacks12642.0
20The Golf Hustlers12842.7
22The Angry Birdies14648.7
23Putthroat Island15150.3
24Team Bradshaw15451.3
25You Can Putt With Us15551.7
26New Zealand All Hacks17357.7

1XL3R1   Avg
 Andy Exall28
 Phil Exall32
 Terry Exall34
 94 31.3
2The OPFR1   Avg
 Richard Jones31
 Shaun Stimpson33
 Simon Brown34
 98 32.7
33 HAGSR1   Avg
 Ben Steadman34
 Callan McHugh32
 David Taylor34
 100 33.3
4Walkabout Minigolf - Bogey BoysR1   Avg
 Seve Kukielka35
 Stephen Skinner35
 Frank Bisesi33
 103 34.3
5Just ParfectR1   Avg
 Balazs Tompa32
 Zita Tompa41
 Andrew Edmonds32
 105 35.0
6Walkabout Minigolf - Shangri-LadsR1   Avg
 Ian Witt34
 Gary Marsh38
 Martyn Williams34
 106 35.3
6Von Ryans ExpressR1   Avg
 Luke Ryan34
 Alan Barber35
 Kevin Penfold37
 106 35.3
8Pitch PuttfectR1   Avg
 Nicholas Dobson36
 Matthew Murray38
 Brett Melia35
 109 36.3
9The Iron MenR1   Avg
 Andy Neal34
 Brad Neal35
 Ash Neal41
 110 36.7
10Saturday Night PuttersR1   Avg
 Sarah Mason38
 Nick Mason37
 Paul Spink36
 111 37.0
11Planet PensionersR1   Avg
 David Hartley37
 Marion Hartley38
 David Gomm37
 112 37.3
12Rusthall BanditsR1   Avg
 Julian Teubler35
 Ana Teubler43
 Elena Teubler36
 114 38.0
13HoebridgeR1   Avg
 Dennie Ormrod39
 Oliver Sakes39
 Will Prentice37
 115 38.3
14Azores Minigolf UDPR1   Avg
 Filipe Jorge Costa31
 Claudia Vieira41
 Ligia Dutra44
 116 38.7
14Uniao Desportiva PraienseR1   Avg
 Fabio Pereira37
 Liborio Da Ponte Fabricio37
 Francisco Jorge Godinho Da Costa42
 116 38.7
14Small Medium & LargeR1   Avg
 Cameron Fincher32
 Megan Fincher44
 Dave Fincher40
 116 38.7
17Triple BrogeyR1   Avg
 Christian freer41
 Lucas Freer37
 Curtis Freer44
 122 40.7
18You Drive Me CraziesR1   Avg
 Sarah Gibson40
 Andy Galloway48
 Chloe Marsden38
 126 42.0
18New Zealand All WhacksR1   Avg
 Alan Thompson40
 Aaron Paea38
 Charlotte Page48
 126 42.0
20The Golf HustlersR1   Avg
 David Conway44
 David Conway Snr43
 Ben Conway41
 128 42.7
21MorbidR1   Avg
 Max Durrant45
 Lev 238
 Daisy 351
 134 44.7
22The Angry BirdiesR1   Avg
 Jane Freer42
 Christine Freer54
 Anna Ristova50
 146 48.7
23Putthroat IslandR1   Avg
 Lucy Barrie51
 Julia Vivian44
 Cath Welsby56
 151 50.3
24Team BradshawR1   Avg
 Katie Ates53
 Vikki Bradshaw52
 Lucy Bradshaw49
 154 51.3
25You Can Putt With UsR1   Avg
 Jennifer Tibbenham55
 Laura Guy51
 Precious Collins49
 155 51.7
26New Zealand All HacksR1   Avg
 Sean Spurdle45
 Bob Charles40
 Tom Spurdle88
 173 57.7

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