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The World Crazy Golf Championship weekend tees off on Friday evening on the 9th June with our dedicated Team Championship on the legendary Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf Course at Hastings seafront .

The Team Competition takes place on Friday evening. A maximum of 36 Teams consisting of 3 players will take part in one round of the course to qualify for a final round shoot out across the iconic holes on the course.

NB: the team score will be the combined total strokes for each of the 3 players across the 18 hole round with the top 18 teams then taking part in a sudden death knock out competition for the title!

Congratulations to the BOGEY BOYS (Seve, Steve and Tom) for winning the Team Championship having defeated the HAG team of David, Ben and Callum to take the title.


Rank Team Total
1The RutherFours101
1Harley But No Davison101
3The Extravagant Contortionists102
4The Puttalong Gang103
53 Hags104
6WaWalkabout Minigolf - The Bogey Boys105
6The OPF105
8Rusthall Bandits106
93 Strokes Under Par107
9Planet Hastings Pensioners107
9Non Ryans Express107
9Tri Nation Domination107
9Chubbs Alligator Avengers107
14The Walkabout minigolf - The Sweetopians111
16The Hornets113
Cut - 16 teams continue after round 1
17Saturday Night Putters114
17All Black Aces114
17Team Novis114
20Just Parfect115
21Hole In Juan116
22Beauport Bandits117
233 Pleasant putters122
25Cornish Pirates124
26Nottingham Nomads130
27Jabba The Putt131
28The big, the bad and the ugly134
29Putthroat Island136
30Roy, Roy and the boy140
31The Phantoms142
32Team Ireland145
33Red Flags161

1The RutherFoursR1   Avg
 Mark Wood35
 James Rutherford32
 Chris Wood34
 101 33.7
1Harley But No DavisonR1   Avg
 Andrew Edmonds32
 Votja Miksovsky33
 Harley Kelly36
 101 33.7
3The Extravagant ContortionistsR1   Avg
 Martin Greenhead36
 Martyn Williams35
 Ed Pope31
 102 34.0
4The Puttalong GangR1   Avg
 David Jermey35
 Rachel King37
 Harrison Brazier31
 103 34.3
53 HagsR1   Avg
 David Taylor31
 Ben Steadman40
 Callan McHugh33
 104 34.7
6WaWalkabout Minigolf - The Bogey BoysR1   Avg
 Seve Kukielka34
 Stephen Skinner35
 Tom Loftus36
 105 35.0
6The OPFR1   Avg
 Richard Jones34
 Simon Brown36
 Paul Tutt35
 105 35.0
8Rusthall BanditsR1   Avg
 James Teubler32
 Elena Teubler38
 Tim Padley36
 106 35.3
93 Strokes Under ParR1   Avg
 Helen Dodd34
 Matt Dodd37
 Andy Wilde36
 107 35.7
9Planet Hastings PensionersR1   Avg
 David Hartley37
 Marion Hartley35
 David Gomm35
 107 35.7
9Non Ryans ExpressR1   Avg
 Alan Barber36
 Kevin Penfold34
 Murray Thompson37
 107 35.7
9Tri Nation DominationR1   Avg
 Frank Bisesi35
 Josh Mars34
 Luke Ryan38
 107 35.7
9Chubbs Alligator AvengersR1   Avg
 Rob Lowe38
 Pip Hatch34
 Tom Miller35
 107 35.7
14The Walkabout minigolf - The SweetopiansR1   Avg
 Gary Marsh37
 Robin Schwartzman40
 Laura Skinner34
 111 37.0
14XL3R1   Avg
 Phil Exall38
 Terry Exall39
 James Hollinrake34
 111 37.0
16The HornetsR1   Avg
 Charlie Reid36
 Richard Reid39
 Bethany Reid38
 113 37.7
17Saturday Night PuttersR1   Avg
 Sarah Mason42
 Nick Mason36
 Paul Spink36
 114 38.0
17All Black AcesR1   Avg
 Aaron Paea36
 Alan Thompson37
 Steve Bishop41
 114 38.0
17Team NovisR1   Avg
 Tim Novis34
 Freddie Novis37
 Donna Novis43
 114 38.0
20Just ParfectR1   Avg
 Balazs Tompa37
 Marton Geda35
 Zita Tompa43
 115 38.3
21Hole In JuanR1   Avg
 Stuart Robinson42
 Dion G36
 Adrian Peacock38
 116 38.7
22Beauport BanditsR1   Avg
 David Booth37
 Nigel Champion41
 Jack Baker39
 117 39.0
233 Pleasant puttersR1   Avg
 James Lawrence45
 Robert Franklin35
 Gerry Axena42
 122 40.7
24WheezychilliesR1   Avg
 Chris Turner38
 Darren Shoesmith41
 Steve Over44
 123 41.0
25Cornish PiratesR1   Avg
 Philip Sandy39
 Charlotte Sandy40
 Tasmin Sandy45
 124 41.3
26Nottingham NomadsR1   Avg
 Simon Cooke50
 Yazmin Cooke42
 Andrew Sherley-Dale38
 130 43.3
27Jabba The PuttR1   Avg
 Mike Horner42
 Daniel Caldieraro47
 Billy Eriksson42
 131 43.7
28The big, the bad and the uglyR1   Avg
 Ben Jones42
 Tony Cooper49
 Liam Cooper43
 134 44.7
29Putthroat IslandR1   Avg
 Lucy Barrie43
 Julia Vivian36
 Cath Welsby57
 136 45.3
30Roy, Roy and the boyR1   Avg
 Laurence Worton41
 Roy Varley46
 John Lacey53
 140 46.7
31The PhantomsR1   Avg
 Charlie Carter51
 Mike McLellan41
 Charlie Smith50
 142 47.3
32Team IrelandR1   Avg
 Michael Fleming44
 Shane Quinn55
 Jonathan Quinn46
 145 48.3
33Red FlagsR1   Avg
 Katie Ates52
 Vikki Bradshaw54
 Lucy Bradshaw55
 161 53.7

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