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The World Crazy Golf Championship weekend tees off on Friday evening on the 10th September with our first ever dedicated Team Championship on the legendary Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf Course at Hastings seafront .

The Team Competition takes place on Friday evening. A maximum of 18 Teams consisting of 3 players will take part in one round of the course to qualify for a final round shoot out across the iconic holes on the course.

NB: the team score will be the combined total strokes for each of the 3 players across the 18 hole round with the top 6 teams then taking part in a shoot out for the title!


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Rank Total Avg
1Walkabout Minigolf - Tourist trap10936.3
1Planet Pensioners10936.3
3Walkabout Minigolf - Cherry Blossom11036.7
3putt putt with Novis and Tutt11036.7
5Compo, Clegg & Foggy11438.0
6Last Minute Hopefulls11839.3
6Team Glammy11839.3
6Reidy or not 11839.3
9The Happy Gilmores12541.7
10Just Parfect12742.3
10The 3 HAG's12742.3
12Team Teubler12943.0
13Team David Jermey 13043.3
14Stagecoach Eastbourne 0314749.0
15Stagecoach Eastbourne 0115050.0
16Stagecoach Eastbourne 0215250.7
18Team Vikki Bradshaw16454.7

1Walkabout Minigolf - Tourist trapR1   Avg
 Stephen Skinner36
 Ian Witt35
 Martyn Williams38
 109 36.3
1Planet PensionersR1   Avg
 Dave Gomm36
 Marion Hartley38
 David Hartley35
 109 36.3
3Walkabout Minigolf - Cherry BlossomR1   Avg
 Nicholas Mayes39
 Dave Stansfield40
 Seve Kukielka31
 110 36.7
3putt putt with Novis and TuttR1   Avg
 Tim Novis36
 Freddie Novis39
 Paul Tutt35
 110 36.7
5Compo, Clegg & FoggyR1   Avg
 Terry Exall38
 Philip Exall35
 Jon Sharp41
 114 38.0
6Last Minute HopefullsR1   Avg
 Chris Harding37
 Matthew Harding39
 Harley Kelly42
 118 39.3
6Team GlammyR1   Avg
 Richard Jones38
 Shaun Stimpson40
 Simon Brown40
 118 39.3
6Reidy or not R1   Avg
 Matthew Reid35
 David Reid40
 Andrew Reid43
 118 39.3
9The Happy GilmoresR1   Avg
 Ben Fenton37
 Rocky Fenton45
 Maxime Allen43
 125 41.7
10Just ParfectR1   Avg
 Marton Geda39
 Balazs Tompa43
 Zita Tompa45
 127 42.3
10The 3 HAG'sR1   Avg
 David Taylor34
 Callan McHugh51
 Ben Steadman42
 127 42.3
12Team TeublerR1   Avg
 Julian Teubler41
 Ana Teubler43
 Elena Teubler45
 129 43.0
13Team David Jermey R1   Avg
 David Jermey41
 Ade Morrell43
 Jim Desalvo46
 130 43.3
14Stagecoach Eastbourne 03R1   Avg
 Geoff Saunders42
 Jon Everton44
 Richard Gascoine61
 147 49.0
15Stagecoach Eastbourne 01R1   Avg
 Dan Mayhew46
 Tobi Silva51
 Chris Hendley53
 150 50.0
16Stagecoach Eastbourne 02R1   Avg
 Michael Petrie58
 Darren Clews39
 Mark Curtis55
 152 50.7
17Putterfingers.comR1   Avg
 Alf Standen58
 Jon Clarke51
 David Hill52
 161 53.7
18Team Vikki BradshawR1   Avg
 Vikki Bradshaw46
 Katie Ates58
 Lucy Bradshaw60
 164 54.7

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